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Make Dinosaurs Become Quiet.

And Escape This Island.

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7 December 1981
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Alright. A few things you should know-

*I curse a lot. I think this started out ironically, and now it's just something I do. A lot.

... come to think on it, a disturbingly large number of things I do were sown firmly in the fields of irony, though that's not the topic of discuss at the moment. I am, in any event, attempting to cut back on the aforementioned potty mouth; even if it does feel just a little bit like trying to hold back the Nile with a child's plastic beach shovel.

*I post frequently. Or if not exactly frequently, than at least in bursts- so friending me can be a lot like signing up for seasonal spam.

*Relating to that last one, my posts are generally about Video Games. And when these flurries of post come, you may end up not caring. But at least it's not all retweets of what I ate and where I shopped today, right?

*I tend to lock most things personal as 'friends only.' This is to your benefit, maybe? Most assuredly to my benefit. But sometimes I forget, and that's occasionally vaguely amusing. SRSLY.

*When I do post about my life, I usually screen comments, too. And I try to include that information in the subject line. This is to encourage genuine communication. People get weird about being personal in Lj comments.

*I'm pretty gay. Like a lot. It's whatever.

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